Tech transferred products


Research and development is uplifting our society and mankind every second through the hard work at research benches and further implementation of the research outcomes. Implementation of the scientific research outcomes, which is usually done by the industries, takes the research to the end-user in the form of a product or a process. BioLim Centre for Science and Technology through its consistent efforts in making the bench cross several development levels and reach the society in the form of products. The following are our product researches which are implemented by us in the form of products in the Indian market.

Instant ginger Green Tea

Instant green tea is a typical formulation which comprises the natural compounds and aroma of ginger and green tea and it is being formulated and delivered in the form of consumer centric INSTANT TEA premix. The product INSTANT green tea is being manufactured and marketed in the brand name iGreen tea by our mother concern.

Instant Green Coffee

Instant green coffee is yet another instant product developed by the food research group of BioLim Centre for Science and Technology, Chennai with the consistent efforts of its dedicated researchers. The products comprises all natural and essential components of green coffee beans and is being formulated in the ready to make form.

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