Certificate course on stem cells

Certificate course on stem cells

Stem cells are the unspecialised cells that possess the ability of self-renewal and special differentiation capacity that can give rise to any type of cells of the body.

Currently the stem cell research can be regarded as a branch of modern biology that tries to utilise or alter embryonic or adult stem cells or to induce stem cells from differentiated cells into specialized, differentiated cells that can be used to supplant impaired cells or organs.

Stem cells is revolutionising the regenerative medicine sector and it provides immense hope for the medical world to treat the diseases which are once considered as non-treatable.
With the evolving technologies and interdisciplinary research networks, Cell biology is slowly and steadily revealing the potency of stem cells day-by-day.

This certificate course has been developed for the learners who want to explore the fundamentals of stem cells.

This course is aimed to develop budding professionals in the stem cells sector. The course is suitable for those who want to understand the fundamentals, who want to think radically in the medical area in connection with cell biology, and who want to do more research and apply stem cells research.

Objectives of the course

  • To develop better understanding of stem cells, which will open more ways in future for a better career
  • To develop more researchers and industrial professionals in stem cells sector
  • To involve the learners to spread the acquired knowledge through different implementation channels
  • To improve writing skills among the learners

Modules in brief

Basics of cell
Basics of stem cell biology
Applications of stem cells
Stem cells ethics
Current trends in stem cells

Course duration

30 days

Scoring pattern

Examination - 50%
Assignments - 20%
Attendance - 8%
Active participation in learning - 7%
Implementation efforts - 10%
Successful completion of course period on time - 5%


Post Doc, PhD. and M.Phil. in science and engineering (related to Bio)
M.Pharm and B.Pharm
M.Tech., M.E., B.E. and B.Tech., in engineering and technology (related to Biology and medical relevant)
M.Sc. and B.Sc. in science (related to Biology or basic sciences)
(If you have any queries regarding your eligibility please write to our relationship officer)

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