Certificate course on tissue engineering

Certificate course on tissue engineering

Tissue engineering involves the use of combination of cells, engineering materials and suitable biochemical factors to improve or replace the biological functions in an effort to improve clinical procedures for the repair of damaged tissue or organs.

Tissue engineering is used extensively in clinical procedures today. Certain clinical procedures routinely use tissue engineering; there is still a lot of fundamental research in the design of scaffolds that must be followed by extensive clinical trials. This is a rapidly changing scene, so the opportunities for the use of tissue engineering will surely change year-by-year.

This certificate course has been developed for the learners who want to explore the knowledge in the field of tissue engineering.

This course is aimed to develop the budding professionals in the tissue engineering sector. This course is suitable for those who wants to understand the basics, to think radically in the medical field and to do more research and discoveries to improve the human lives.

Modules in brief

Introduction to cell, tissue and organ systems
Tissue architecture
Tissue engineering
Applications of tissue engineering
Ethics and Current trends in tissue engineering

Course duration

30 days

Scoring pattern

Examination - 50%
Assignments - 20%
Attendance - 8%
Active participation in learning - 7%
Implementation efforts - 10%
Successful completion of course period on time - 5%


Post Doc, PhD. and M.Phil. in science and engineering (related to life science)
M.Pharm and B.Pharm
M.Tech., M.E., B.E. and B.Tech., in engineering and technology (related to Biology and medical relevant)
M.Sc. and B.Sc. in science (related to Biology or basic sciences)
(If you have any queries regarding your eligibility please write to our relationship officer)

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