Research diploma in life sciences

Research diploma in life sciences

The value of life sciences finds its roots in all the frontier fields. The research diploma in life sciences is an essential course that helps a learner to mould a research career in the sector. In the current scenario where most of the bio-industries are in thirst of developing innovative value-based products using the dynamic knowledge in life sciences as a key subject of interest, it becomes more important for a learner from life sciences sector to develop a research career with high potency. The research diploma provides a structured way to develop fundamental skills for research and construct a strong career which is value-added with the outcomes of the course, such as practical knowledge development, market study and publications.

Elective areas for research (anyone can be chosen by the learner)

  • Free internship in BioLim centre for Science & technology laboratory, Chennai (10 days)
  • Online field work (15 days)

Course code


Modules in brief

Understanding research and its tools
Practicing for a research preparation
Research performance period (onsite or online)
Implementation measures

Course duration

3 months

Scoring pattern

Assignments - 55%
Successful completion of research period on time - 20%
Research viva - 15%
Attendance - 10%


PhD pursuers
Post-graduates in Life sciences (including M.Phil)
Undergraduates in life sciences (those who had completed second year)

Course fee

Rs. 7500/-

Mode of study
Online plus onsite research work

Phone: +91 9952 112131
#159/385, Ground floor & Second floor, Konnur High Road, Near Indian Overseas Bank, Chennai, TN, India