India is having a competitive population with increasing number of working age people. It was projected that, by 2020 the world will be facing the shortage of skilled manpower and India would be the global reservoir of skilled manpower. This has created an alarming demand to improve the current learners to improve them with industry relevant skills related to various important and challenging areas through which they could fulfil the growing working manpower demand globally. A greater volume of candidates who finish college every year, fail to find a job in his field of interest due to the lack of effective skills. More than 43% of Indian employers find difficult to fill the job vacancies due to poor or nil skills among the pass out applicants. In this scenario, the requirement of skill development training is high in all the sectors including the bio sciences. On this contest, BioLim Centre for Science and technology, Chennai is providing skill development training programmes is thriving with a mission of producing thousands of skilled man power in the bioscience sectors by the year 2020.

Salient features
  • Our training covers individual techniques as well as complete job role
  • Our training programmes develop the candidates with effective practical skills in the respective module
  • Our training programmes improve the vision of applying the learned skills
Types of BioLim training
Our training programmes are of different types which are as follows
Hands on training in instrumentation
BioLim Centre for Science & Technology is providing an excellent opportunity for the life science learners and researchers to improve their skills in instrument operation which is substantial for research and further up scaling. This hands on training in instrumentation is a very short term training that can accelerate the interest and knowledge growth of the trainee in a more proliferative way.

Hands on training in essential techniques
BioLim Centre for Science & Technology is providing an opportunity to improve the candidates' technical skills in bio field(s), which will highly empower the learning community to transform into professionals in academia, research or industry. The modules of the training programmes are designed in a way to provide more opportunities towards hands-on experience rather than focusing on theoretical knowledge only. The candidates with theoretical knowledge over basics and requiring practical skill development can select any of our hands on training programmes as a wise destination.

  • Essential microbial techniques (5 days)Most preferred programme
  • Essential nanobiotechnology techniques (5 days)Most preferred programme
  • Essential fermentation and downstream techniques (5 days)Most preferred programme
  • Essential medical laboratory techniques (5 days)
  • Essential drug discovery techniques (5 days)
  • Essential nano drug delivery techniques (5 days)Most preferred programme
  • Essential food technology techniques (5 days)Most preferred programme
  • Essential enzymology techniques (5 days)
  • Essential molecular isolation and purification techniques (5 days)
  • Essential bioremediation techniques (5 days)
(Essential nanobiotechnology techniques, Essential nanobiotechnology techniques, Essential medical laboratory techniques, Essential drug discovery techniques can be pursued in weekends - weekly one day)
In-plant training
In-plant training is a form of training provided in the BioLim research and scale up laboratory under a specific job role. The in-plant training moves with the mission of developing employability skills to the life science students. The combinatorial skills developed during this in-plant training is must needed by the industries and hence helps the learners greatly.

  • Microbial Biomass production (3 days)
  • Probiotic fruit drink production (3 days)
  • Alcohol production (3 days)
  • Fertilizer production from biowaste (3 days)
  • Nano-composite fertilizer production (3 days)
Floating training (Training at your institution)
We understand that every person who come forward for attending the training programme is coming across different hurdles including travel, transport, accommodation, training expenses and other difficulties associated with the same. Hence we also open for conducting training programmes in universities/colleges where group of people available with interest and dedication to learn newer things to explore new limits in science and technology. The number of the participants and days of these kind of training programme are mutually decided by BioLim and the host organisation. The major mission of the programme is to provide valuable awareness and skill development scope for all the learners with affordable cost. Institutions showing interest in conducting skill development programme in the specialisation area of BioLim Centre for Science and Technology can post their interest through this form

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