Hands on training on electrospinning for nanofibre production

NNanofibres are nano range fibres which can be produced using a polymers or combination of different polymers through specialised techniques. Nanofibres have wide range applications from engineering to medicine. Among different techniques used to produce nanofibres, Electrospinning is the most predominantly used method.
Electrospinning instrument helps to produce fibres with few nanometers size, large surface areas, ease of functionalisation and superior mechanical properties. Since the nanotechnology is being implemented in different areas of science and technology sector, nanofibre is becoming one efficient product of nanotechnology finding innumerable application perspectives day by day.

Nanofibres produced through Electrospinning find more importance in the following areas

  • Nanofibres are used widely biomedical applications such as tissue engineering, drug delivery vehicle formulations etc.
  • Nanofibres in medicine find application is special medical textiles including bandages, wound dressing etc.
  • In fermentation, bio and nano remediation part, nanofibre based enzyme immobilization find more attraction.
  • Nanofibres through electrospinning can be developed into nanofilter membranes for active air filtration and water filtration.
  • Nanofibres play role as protective materials too.
  • Nanofibres also find usages in electrical, optical and sensor based applications widely.

Following the wider and expanding application of nanofibres, the need for research and production of different fibres using Electrospinning technique is becoming vital. A very good understanding and operation skills in Electrospinning equipment is the need of hour nanobio sector and this programme is exactly aiming to provide the same.

T This hands on training programme on Electrospinning for nanofibre production will be conducted as per the following module
  • A refreshment session on nanotechnology
  • An understanding session on nanofibres and its wide application
  • Biochemical preparation of precursors for nanofibre production
  • Introduction to Electrospinning
  • Nanofibre production using Electrospinning technique
  • Discussion on application point of electrospinned nanofibres
Who should attend?
  • Learners and faculties from biotechnology, nanotechnology, biochemistry, medicine, biomedical engineering, agriculture and related life sciences, Biochemical engineering, electrical and electronics etc.
  • Industrial persons involving in or implementing elctrospinning or nanofibres or both
  • Entrepreneurs involving in nanofibre applications
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