Hands on training in applied techniques

A research with an application focus produces a lot of visible change and development in the science field. A value of research is measured with the motive of its application and its influence in the society development. BioLim provides training in applied techniques to boost the skill development towards applying techniques. The programme is specially designed for the second level learners who want to get complete hands on practice in the application part of research experiments. This kind of training helps to gain sufficient knowledge that helps the learners to pursue further higher research. Most of the techniques and its related preparatory works will be done by the learner itself in this type of training programme.

Currently available programmes in this genre are as follows

  • Fermentation technology
  • Nano drug delivery
  • Probiotic fruit drink production
  • Bioethanol production
  • Fertilizer production from biowaste
  • Medical alkaloids
  • Health food processing techniques

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