Weekend training

BioLim Centre for Science & Technology is providing an excellent opportunity for the life science learners, researchers and educators to improve their skills in research process, experimental techniques, instrument operation which is substantial for research and further up scaling. In order to support the academicians and researchers, some of our training programmes are conducted in the weekend.

Instrument and technique oriented training

Technique oriented training

  • Nano drug development (2 days)
  • Bio-ethanol production (2 days)
  • Probiotic fruit drink production (2 days)
  • Medical alkaloids (2 days)
  • Biophenols (2 days)
  • Fertilizer production from biowaste (2 days)
The two days programmes can be pursued on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) or on Saturdays of two weeks. These programmes are also available on week days

Note: All the weekend programmes need prior registrations and approval. There is no spot registration for the same. Approval for a programme completely depends on the BioLim management.

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