Contract research services
BioLim Centre for Science and Technology provides complete research solutions to micro, small and medium enterprises at affordable cost structure. Our contract research services revolves around microbial product development, enzyme technology, nanoformulations, biochemical process optimisation and applied plant product development. The major focus of our contract research services aims at developing novel products, value adding existing products, upscaling and process optimisation etc.

Technology transfer services
Though we are a hard core research organisation, involved in research and developmental activities, part of our organisation members are specialised in implementing the research outcomes. As a part of the same, we are rendering implementation services for the academic and MSME clients to bring science from lab to land. BioLim Centre for Science and technology being the member organisation of Biotech Consortium India Limited, is having dynamic scope for tech transfer and technology commercialisation activities.

Patenting and trademark services
Intellectual property rights are the integral part of commercialisation of industrial research outcomes. Among IPR, patent and trademark caries more importance in the implementation process. We do facilitate the patenting through our research/technical consultancy wing and further IPR process were carried out by our IP partners.
Note: All our IPR related services are protected with NON-DISCLOSURE agreements, which facilitate confidentiality of the invention greatly.

Publishing services
We do support young academic learners to publish their research work. Our services in this section is limited to supporting and consulting only. Note: We do not involve in unethical activities such as thesis writing and paper writing. We do consult and train our clients to write papers and communicate with journals more effectively.

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