Self interest research project streams

The following are the streams where self interest research projects can be performed
Nanotechnology (General)
Nanotechnology (Nanobiotechnology)
Nanotechnology (Nano drug delivery)
Nanotechnology (Nanoremediation)
Microbiology (General)
Microbiology (Fermentation technology)
Microbiology (Environmental microbiology)
Microbiology (Food & dairy microbiology)
Microbiology (Biopolymers)
Plant science (General)
Plant science (Phytodrugs)
Plant science (Biofertilizers & Biopesticides)
Plant science (Biopolymers)
Plant science (Dietary supplements)
Food science (General)
Food science (Biofortification)
Food science (Functional foods & drinks)
Biochemistry (Enzymology)
Biochemistry (Plant toxicology)
Biochemistry (Biopolymers)
Informatics (Bioinformatics)
Informatics (Nanoinformatics)
Environmental science (Bioremediation)
Biomedical Engineering (Bioscaffolds)
Biomedical Engineering (Nano drug systems)
Biomedical Engineering (Novel drug delivery systems)
Nanotechnology (Water reclamation)
Environmental science (Water reclamation)
Microbiology (Water reclamation)
Chemistry (Water reclamation)
Plant science (Water reclamation)