Admission policy
  • BioLim accepts application for any of the online courses of it only through the online mode. No other mode of application will be considered official and will not be encouraged.
  • The applicant must be duly filling the application form and should provide proper and original information.
  • The applicant must attend the verification process through telephone following the application. In case of failure to attend the same, the applicant must contact the admission office to participate in the verification through telephone. The application will be moved to rejection mode following a week of dormancy without verification.
  • The applicant should know the eligibility criteria before applying for any programmes in BioLim.
  • The selection of the candidate for any programme in BioLim is purely based on the eligibility and merit.
  • If any applicant has been rejected for the course, he/she will not be encouraged for admission verification for the same course for minimum of next 3 months.
  • Applications of different course by a same applicant will not be encouraged for processing at the same time. Any one of the application will be taken in to process.
Payment policy
  • Any eligible applicant of BioLim Centre for Science and Technology will be allowed to pursue the programme after the fees payment only.
  • The mode of fees payment should be based on any of the acceptable payment modes listed in the online web port of admission section.
  • In the case of any payment to BioLim Centre for Science and Technology, the applicant/payee is liable to any risks that are usually associated with the modes of payment. Any issues that arise in the payment process or money release should be handled by the applicant/payee directly to the service providers, such as online payment companies, banks, etc.
  • Following the receipt of the successful fee payment, the applicant will be provided with necessary insights to start up the learning process.
  • A systematic process will be carried out by the admission team to enrol the applicant in the programme. The process will be carried out in its own phase and cannot be urged to accelerate from the applicant end due to any reasons.
  • Payment acknowledgement will be provided to the applicant through online only. The online receipt can be obtained from the relationship desk at the time of joining.
  • In the case of registration fees, the payment acknowledgement will be provided through email on request within 7 days from the date of payment done.
  • Payment made for the registration fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • Candidates those who have registered in the programme and not joined the course on the mentioned time will be duly rejected to join the programme further. On the basis of request /permission, the candidate may be allowed to continue the programme on another date as approved by the admission cell. The validity applicable for the registration fees is 6 months.
  • If any of the candidate details furnished by him/her in the application are found to be incorrect or false, the application will be rejected.
Internship policy
  • Internship is the period where the interns (students) who pursuing the internship programme (very short term, short term and long term internship) involve in regular activities of the research and development unit of BioLim centre for Science and technology (BCST).
  • In this period the interns were expected to involve themselves in the regular practices of conducting or performing research under the supervision of the principal or associate investigators of the BCST.
  • The research works (full or in part) is being given to the interns in order to practise themselves in conducting or performing the research under good laboratory practices. 
  • All the registered intern must be following the Roles and Responsibilities of BCST, if found overruling, person will be taken to the management supervision and be taken necessary action.
  • A research work that is (a conceptual, or theoretical or practical work) is being conducted or performed at BCST under the internship programme is the intellectual property of the BioLim Centre for Science & Technology.
  • Interns who involve themselves as a part in the research works of the centre do not have any intellectual benefits with the research process and the final research output of the works performed by them at BCST.
  • Interns who are interested to publish the part of the research work can enrol themselves in the contribution list.
  • The eligibility of the research work (full or in part) for publishing with the name of interns is determined by the Management of BCST. 
  • In turn if found to be the intern is processing the publication / patent of the research work conducted in BCST will be strictly fall under the negative category and the necessary action will be taken.
Online learning policy
  • The mode of learning online courses of BioLim Centre for Science & Technology will be purely online.
  • Learners should use desktop/laptop computer to attend the course. Learners can also access the BioLim learning portal (i.e. Bioleara) using any others mode of electronic devices including mobile, tablet etc. But however, we suggest the learners to use desktop/laptop for getting the finest learning experience.
  • Learners should actively participate in the learning forums abiding the forum policies.
  • BioLim online campus (i.e. Bioleara) can be accessed conveniently through the Internet accessibility.
  • The mode of learning is completely online hence a learner must be accessible to a proper internet connection with (reasonable speed) minimum of 512 kbps speed consistently.
  • The learner should not involve in getting excuses to post pond his/her course activities because of the lack of internet accessibility or any other reasons.
  • The learning materials in BioLim will be provided only through online access. The learning materials will not be given in the downloadable or other printable forms (e.g. pdf or printable materials). The learner can able to access the learning materials without any restriction inside the BioLim online campus (i.e. Bioleara).
  • Candidate should attend the learning forum regularly; (the percentage of attendance will be taken in to consideration.) Learner frequency of login and his/her participation in the regular learning forums of BioLim virtual campus (i.e. Bioleara) will be measured as the attendance. And the percentage of attendance will be taken in to consideration during the final course completion assessment.
  • Tutor support will be provided for learners in order to get clarifications.
  • Learners who found to breach the policy or who make prolonged dormancy in visiting the online learning system shall be subjected to disciplinary action. A warning email will be sent to the learner. Learners who fail to response to the disciplinary mail will be temporarily suspended from accessing to the BioLim online learning system (i.e. Bioleara), unless valid reason is given. Learner who is not responding even the temporary suspension will be permanently detained from BioLim online learning system (i.e. Bioleara). Further Learner will not be eligible to attend the examination in order to complete the course. Learner who detained permanently from BioLim online learning system will be reconsidered in the next batch only after valid reason. In such instance, fees for the course extension will be applicable to pursue further.
  • Candidates must abide the dignity code in BioLim. Disciplinary actions will be taken against any learners involving in any mischievous activity including posting of any content that affect other learners and the online campus environment.
  • If any difficulties arise during login or accessing the learning forums, the learners should intimate the management through email or phone call in a proper manner; technical team will assist the learner to sort out the issue within 24 to 48 working hours. The duration mentioned here may vary based on the criticalness of the issue.
  • Any improper use or misuse of the learning materials by the learner without intimating the management; the learner will be liable for detaining from the access of BioLim virtual campus (i.e. Bioleara).
  • After the successful completion of the course, privileges will be given to the alumni to access the course materials. However, tutor support will not be available after course period.
  • Learners should not be handling the learner privileges or alumni privileges to any third persons. Unauthorised usage of the virtual campus would be considered as misuse and necessary actions will be taken on the same by the management council.
  • The examination for the online courses will be conducted through online only.
  • The examination desk will be accessible to the learner only on the mentioned date of examination.
  • The learner should directly involve in the examination and should not employee any third parties to attend the same.
  • On the day of examination, the regular learner desk will not be accessible for learners
  • No separate examination will be conducted for absentees; however, the candidate will be allowed in next batch examination and examination fee(s) is applicable for the same.
  • The pattern of choice based question model will be followed in the examination
  • The results will not be announced for the learners who involve in any undignified behaviour during the online examination.
  • The online examination will be conducted for the mentioned duration only. The learner cannot extend the examination and the online examination desk will be closed successfully after the speculated time.
  • The learner must be equipping themselves with necessary facilities (like power supply, un-interrupting internet services etc.) in order to attend the examination. No excuses or postpone or re-examination will be conducted for the interruption occurred from the learner end.
  • Learner efficiency will be evaluated based on his/her performances in the learning period and in the online examination.
  • 50% is the minimum percentage required for passing any course in BioLim.
  • Class of passing will be considered in the following pattern
    • 50 to 65% - Second class
    • 65 to 80% - First class
    • 80.01% and above - First class with distinction
  • Any learner who fail to score 50% through his/her overall performance in the course period will be considered as fail and will be requested to reappear for the examination. And in such instances necessary examination fee must be paid by the learner in order to reappear in the examination.
  • Evaluation will be performed only after the written examination.
  • The results of the evaluation will be announced only on the specified date mentioned by the BioLim management council.
  • No results will be announced to any learner early under any circumstances.
  • The certification will be given by BioLim for the course pursued after the completion of evaluation.
  • The certificate will be issued only for the learner who successfully complete the course with scores more than or equal to 50%.
  • The certificates will be issued through postal system with in India.
  • The certificates will be sent to the postal address mentioned in the application form of the learner which was duly filled by them during the admission.
  • It is the duty of learner to provide proper communication address and to update the same to the admission cell whenever it gets modified.
  • Neither BioLim nor its representatives are responsible for the loss or damage of the certificates during the transport.
  • Learners can apply for a duplicate certificate following the loss or damage of a certificate. Learners need to pay the necessary fees for the duplicate certificates. Duplicate certificates will also send through the postal system as mentioned earlier.
  • The certification can also be tracked through the online verification process. It is the duty of the learner to cross checks the contents of the original and the online certification. Any error in the online certification should be notified immediately.
  • BioLim will not be providing any certification claiming COURSE COMPLETION separately.
  • Any certificate issued by BioLim can be tracked in online portal. It is the responsibility of the student to verify the online certificate after receiving the hard copy certificate. Any issues in the hard copy or online certification must be sorted out within 45 days from the dispatch of the certificate from the BioLim. The hard copy certificate will be valid only with the presence of the same information in the online certification.
  • After course completion and issuance of certification, if any fault has been identified from the learner, the validity of the certificate will be cancelled and the certificate could no more be used.
  • The learners must be submitting the proof of their identity and the proof of address at the time of request. Any false proof may attract the BioLim management to cancel the ability of the learner in pursuing the programme.
  • The conversion of one course to the other new course is not possible for the learner, after the initiation of the course period officially.
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