Can I do an online course in BioLim?

Yes, you can do an online course in BioLim. We, BioLim, are pioneering in providing online education. Our first online education product was launched in the year 2013. Our online course programmes are highly focused on providing clear fundamental knowledge to our learners in the frontier fields. Currently, our online courses are classified under our foundation programmes (online). They are of 30 days duration and are provided under the certificate course type. Our learners can learn our online courses through our BioLim skill cloud portal and the portal can be accessed 24x7. Our online course syllabi were framed in a way to provide essential knowledge for a learner to involve in higher studies or research in the field or to prepare themselves to apply for a job in that field. Our online courses' learning mode is self-learning based with mentor support. The learning materials will be of ebooks and videos type and are provided on a regular forum base to the learners on each day of the programme. Learners from both Indian and overseas are eligible for our online courses. The courses are well suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students from life science and associated domains, for research scholars, teachers, doctors and other medical and healthcare related professionals. 

The following are our online courses (allies online foundation programmes)

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