Policies - Admission


  • We accept applications for any of the programmes only through the online mode. No other mode of application will be considered official and will not be encouraged. 
  • We do not consider mere email requests as filled applications. 
  • The applicant must be duly filling the application form and should provide proper and original information in the application.
  • We have the necessary authority to close the incomplete application without any further processing.
  • We do not collect any fee or charges for filling our online applications.
  • Applications of different programmes by the same applicant will not be encouraged for admission processing at the same time. 
  • In case of the multiple applications, any one of the applications will be taken into process, and further shall be closed. 
  • We encourage an applicant to pursue only one programme at a time.


  • The applicant must attend the verification process through telephone following the application. 
  • In case of failure to attend the same, the applicant must contact the admission office to participate in the verification through an invited telephonic call. 
  • The application will be moved to unverified status and will be closed indefinitely following a week of dormancy without verification.
  • We expect the applicant to attend the verification call without any proxies. 
  • We shall be considering any applicant who crossed 18 years of age as major and will be expecting his own consent in joining the programme.
  • We entertain parents or guardians to be in verification or counselling calls when the applicant has not completed the 18 years of age or the candidate is physically challenged. 
  • In both the cases, the applicant or the person representing the applicant should be taken prior permission to be a part of verification or the counselling call. In order to accept the representative in the counselling call, we will be requesting further information about the representative in order to process the request. In case of an objection from the representative to disclose his/her identity details, we have the right to deny the request of participating in the verification call and eventually will be closing the application.


  • Each programme demands different eligibility criteria.
  • The criteria is set based on the module and level of influence of the teaching methodology and fundamental knowledge requirement to attend the programme and age. 
  • Almost in all circumstances, we operate based on the pre-fixed eligibility criteria.
  • We expect the applicant to know the eligibility criteria before applying for any programmes in BioLim. 
  • The applicant can contact the support section to verify their eligibility. 
  • The applicant can also request a counsellor meeting to understand their eligibility procedure.
  • If the applicant is found to be not eligible for the programme, the counsellor(s) may suggest other suitable programmes for the applicant. In such cases it is the will of the applicant to move on to the next programme or to close the application.
  • We shall not force any applicant to change the programme. 
  • Providing any relaxation in the eligibility and choosing the application for providence of seat is purely based on the will of our admission department. In such cases, the admission professionals will evaluate the interest of the applicant to pursue the programme and the importance of the requirement of attending the programme by the applicant. Based on the situation, the relaxation on the eligibility criteria may be provided on a case to case basis. We do not charge any special fee for this consideration of eligibility relaxation. Also we do not alter the materials or teaching format for those altered eligible applicants. It is the responsibility of the applicant to cope up with the learning process and produce necessary results.

Selection criteria

  • The selection of the candidate for any programme in BioLim is purely based on the eligibility, interest to learn, approach behaviour and merit.
  • We do not follow any disparities in terms of gender, race, religion, caste, ethnicity, colour, sexual orientation etc.
  • We allow learners from all over the world to participate in our online programme.
  • We do encourage only learners from India or foreign students who reside in India to participate in our regular programme. This is based on the situation that, as of now, we are not involved in providing visa assistance to foreign students.
  • We do not encourage them to visit India and participate in the programme through any tourist visa.
  • The admission department will also take the opinion of the admission counsellor who performs the telephonic verification for the particular applicant, providence of the seat. If an applicant provides improper information or misbehaves or engages in any disrespectful activities during the verification call, the application shall be closed without seat providence on account of the behaviour. We do not entertain the processing of further applications from the same candidate.
  • The applications which are not selected for seat providence, shall be rejected and closed.
  • Based on the rejection reason, further processing of the new application from the same applicant shall be decided by our admission department.

Date of joining

  • Providence of seat to a particular programme on a particular batch or a date is processed based on the interest of the student. However, the decision of our admission and programme management departments is final on the batch or date allocation. 
  • Only after finalising our decision on the date of joining, we will be requesting the applicant to pay the programme fees. 
  • If the applicant is not comfortable with the allocated date he/she can demand a newer date of joining or prefer to close the application. 
  • We suggest the applicant make the fee payment only after finalising the date of joining. 
  • After making the payment, the applicant is allowed to change the date of joining only once. However, the new date of joining is also subjected to approval from our admission and programme management departments.