Externship - A virtual in-plant training

An externship is a short-term training program that usually comes with a duration of a few days to a few weeks. Externships are in-plant training program or industrial visit that gives learners the scope to understand how an industry operates. 

We, BioLim. Offers externship in the model of virtual in-plant training where one can experience digitally how an industry performs. Our externships are short-term and are highly productive for the learners to gain industrial exposure and develop their skills towards the job role-specific industrial needs. Our externships are applicable to all learners who are pursuing high school and graduation.

Externships give our learners knowledge of industry types, various domains in industries, job roles and responsibilities, industrial opportunities and many more. Externships help our learners to understand the whole of industrial operations. Externships are career-oriented programmes that help our learners in this competitive world, to differentiate from others. 

We currently offer externship on biopharmaceutical industry.

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