Today is my joining date. How do I get the access details?

We provide the access details on your joining date before commencement of your first session.

Kindly check your inbox for the email with subject “BioLim Cloud Access”. Also, make sure to check the PROMOTION or UPDATE or SPAM  folders of your email if you could not find the email in your primary inbox. If you still have not received the access details, kindly contact our support centre.

Link for support centre:Click here

My login and password are not working. How do I access the portal?

Kindly make sure you are using the login and password without any spaces while typing and do not copy paste the login and password. If you have changed the password for any reason, please use the new password and try logging in. If you are still facing issues in logging in using the credentials, kindly contact our support centre.

Link for support centre: Click here

Why am I not able to access all the portals in the Skill Cloud?

Please note that, there will be different portals for different programmes in our BioLim Cloud. You will be given access to the portal relevant to your programme only. If you have more queries related to the portals please write to our support centre.

Query form link:Click here