What are the different programmes available in molecular biology?

BioLim is a pioneering organisation working in the skill development sector since 2009. We provide a primary focus on life sciences. Molecular biology is an important subdiscipline of life science which bridges the majority of the life science fields such as microbiology, plant science and animal science into the advanced cutting-edge area of biotechnology, genetic engineering and other biomolecular applications etc.

Molecular biology skills are much needed for a learner to get into advanced research in life science and to join research or testing based jobs in the industries. Understanding the need for molecular biology based skills for the learners, We BioLim, have launched several programmes in molecular biology which start from 2 days to 90 days.

Our programme in the domain aims to develop theoretical knowledge in molecular biology, technical skills, instrument handling, job role knowledge, industrial regulations, research methodologies, advanced research concept formulation and so on. 

The following are our programmes that deal with molecular biology. 

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