Eva Edward Jeyaraj testimonial

I am very much happy and blessed that I got an opportunity to perform my internship training at BioLim Centre for Science and Technology. BioLim Centre for Science and Technology is a place where you will be able to grow in terms of theoretical and practical knowledge. They ensure that, the interns are well-equipped with understanding and the knowledge of the projects assigned by constant drilling, discussion, and presentation between the interns, supervisor and experts. They ensure that, the interns leave the place with a new manner and confidence.

BioLim Centre for Science and Technology (BCST) also cares for the future of current young generation by creating platforms for them to publish a journal or short article on any topic that interests them in BioLim O-Media. This platform helps the youngsters like us to be keep updated with current on-going projects and also gives an interest to work on something we are interested on.

The three months internship that I underwent at BCST has been very informative, enriching and fruitful. It has improved my confidence level and made me look every topic with open mind and explore each field that would relate to certain topic. I was able to learn new good skills and experience them by performing. In addition, they have also taught me how to explore and study a scientific article. I learnt and improved my communication and presentation skills, and was able to utilise it at my university. This is due to constant drill by our guide and supervisor to be more innovative and inquisitive. On the whole, I thank wholeheartedly my guide, supervisor and research associates for making my internship a success and equipping and improving me in terms of skills and knowledge. BCST is certainly a place for you to perform your internship to learn, perform and grow.

Eva Edward Jeyaraj

From Multimedia University, Malaysia

Pursued Internship Programme (Long term Internship) in BioLim

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