Donika Klenja testimonial

This online internship was the greatest experience I could find for the unusual summer 2020, which would contribute towards my career aspirations but also to my own improvement of research valuable skills. I should be honest and genuinely say that following the first three days of the programme I realised that the quality, benefits and the effectiveness of the programme really exceeded my own expectations. Following an unfortunate pause that I had to make to the programme, I was happy and passionate to continue where I left and now that I have reached the end I definitely feel much more confident and independent about the research skills and knowledge that I received and strengthened through this programme. This is particularly important for me as I have recently started my final year at university and I believe I will be happily using these skills to do well and why not excel in my final year dissertation, but also in future career research work. I am grateful to have received so many benefits from this programme and I am looking forward to joining other Biolim programmes at my earliest convenience in the future.

Donika Klenja

From University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Pursued Online Internship (Online internship on research associate role) in BioLim

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