Policies - Payment

Programme fees

  • Almost all the programmes in BioLim shall be having an enrolment fee. 
  • If any of the programmes are released under free learning mode, it will be clearly mentioned in the programme page in the corresponding section of our website.
  • The applicant shall be requested to make fee payment only after successful verification of the application and allocation of the seat on a mentioned date of joining. 
  • The applicant should make the payment only after receiving the confirmation email from our end claiming that the application is moved to PROCESSED status.
  • Once after making the fee payment, the student will be moved to further process of admission and allowed to join the programme. 
  • As of now, we do not provide any trial period for any of our programmes.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to converse with the counsellors and support department to know the programme structure, method of teaching, fees, evaluation process, and certification process before making fee payment.

Mode of fee payment

  • The applicant should make the fee payment through our official website only. 
  • In case of any server related issues in the payment gateway or in the official website, the applicant makes payment directly to the official bank account of the organisation.
  • The applicant should seek to receive the bank account details from the support centre or from the counsellor to his/her email from our official email and should make the payment to the bank account details given in the email.
  • The fee for the programme shall be collected in Indian rupee. 
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to cover the additional charges needed for foreign currency conversion that is charged by their card/bank, if they are paying the fee in different currency. 
  • In the case of making the fee payment the applicant/payee is liable to any risks that are usually associated with the modes of payment. Any issues that arise in the payment process or money release should be handled by the applicant/payee directly to the service providers, such as online payment gateway of their respective banks, etc.
  • Only if the payment is successfully debited and credited in the BioLim account, it will be considered as the complete payment and we should be held responsible for the payment.
  • After making a successful payment, the applicant/payee should take the snapshot of the payment details and preserve the same for further communications.

Processing of fee payment

  • The fee payments made in online mode shall be processed in 24 to 48 working hours by our finance department. 
  • If the applicant or payee wants to speed up the fee payment processing inorder to join the programme immediately (if date of joining is nearing), he/she can do the same by contacting our support centre. 
  • On suitable occasions, the process shall be sped up by our finance department. However, we cannot assure faster processing of payments in all the occasions, hence it is the responsibility of the applicant to make the fee payment before sufficient time to allow us smooth processing of the same. 
  • During the processing of fee payment, if the finance department found variance of payment or a technical issue that restricted the payment to reach our account, or any lag in accessing the info of the client, the finance department shall expect the applicant to submit the proof of payment. Only after submitting the proof of payment, the admission process shall be moved to further stages.
  • Payment acknowledgement shall be given through email only.
  • If the applicant needs a complete invoice he/she can contact the support centre to receive the same.

Add-on service fees

  • Add-on service fees is the aggregate name of all other charges collected for our extended services apart from the programme enrollment fee. 
  • The add-on services include but are not limited to additional hard copy certificate fees, programme learning period extension fees, examination reappearing fees, duplicate certificate issuing fees, etc. 
  • We accept the request for the add on services through our cloud portal. And the payment for the add on services can also be made through the cloud portal. 
  • It is the will of the learner to avail the add on services and none of our representatives shall be forcing the learner to avail the same. Learners can choose the essential add on services based on their need. 
  • Add on service fees shall be processed by our finance department in 24 working hours. 
  • After the processing only, the service rendering will be initiated.

Registration fees

  • The registration fee is a form of fee collected to block a seat for the applicant in a batch he or she is interested in. 
  • The applicants of our regular programme are mostly advised to pay the registration fee in order to block the seat if they have applied for a future programme. 
  • The registration helps us to confirm that the student is really interested in blocking the seat for joining in an upcoming programme. 
  • The registration fee also helps the student to join a programme in future in the same current fees which prevails now. Therefore registration fee provides scope to applicants to prevent the future fee hikes/changes/variabilities for their applications.
  • We mostly advise our applicants to pay registration fees mostly for our regular programmes, which is highly bound to limited seats conditions. 
  • The registration fee paid shall be reduced from the total programme fee and the student is expected to pay only the balance fee at the time of joining date. For example, if the programme fee is INR 5000, and the applicant pays INR 1500 as a registration fee, he/she has to pay the balance of INR 3500 (5000-1500) at the time of joining.


  • Terminology: Any fee paid for enrolling in any of our programmes is we term as PROGRAMME FEE or ENROLLMENT FEE. Any fee for availing additional services is we term as ADD-ON SERVICE FEE. Any fee for blocking the seat for an admission seat for a particular batch is we term as REGISTRATION FEE.

Programme fee refunds

  • The full programme fee paid for the programmes can be refunded only when the candidate applies for a refund before commencement of the programme. 
  • While raising the request, the applicant must be providing a valid reason for seeking the refund.
  • We detect a reasonable percentage from the fee paid in order to cover our expenses on seat allocation, counselling and admission efforts rendered towards the admission of the applicant and expenses made to meet the payment gateway processing charges of the programme fee payment. 
  • A mandatory of 20% of the total fees or INR 1000 (whichever is lesser) shall be deducted from our end for all the refund requests raised at least before 24 hours to the date of joining. 
  • A mandatory of 25% of the total fees or INR 1200 (whichever is lesser) shall be deducted from our end for all the refund requests raised less than 24 hours to the date of joining. 
  • A mandatory of 30% of the total fees or INR 1400 (whichever is lesser) shall be deducted from our end for all the refund requests raised on the mentioned date of joining. 
  • A mandatory of 40% of the total fees or INR 1600 (whichever is lesser) shall be deducted from our end for all the refund requests raised after crossing the mentioned date of joining. 
  • If an applicant demands a change of the original date of joining after making fee payment, following the action of change of original joining date, he/she will be eligible only for 60% refund from the total fee paid, in case of refunding. 
  • The applicant will not be eligible for any fee refund after 24 hours of joining the online programme. 
  • The applicant of the regular programmes can apply for refund after joining the programme before completion of 33% of the entire duration of the programme. In such cases a maximum of 50% of refund shall be processed. However, this percentage is given in a general note here. Our regular research programme refunds are subjected to be altered according to the refunding policy of our industrial partners or lab partners on whose place the applicant is carrying out the programme. 

Add-on fee refunds

  • The fee paid for the add-on service fee (for both online and regular programmes) shall be refunded on request from the applicant with valid reason, provided if the service rendering process was not initiated. Once initiated, the among shall not be refunded either partially or fully. In the case of awardance of refund, a minimum of 5% fees shall be deducted from our end for covering the payment gateway processing charges of the add-on service fee payment.

Registration  fee refunds

  • The registration fee received for online as well as the regular programmes shall not be refunded for any reasons from the applicant side for not joining the programme on the mentioned date/batch. The full refund of the registration fee is possible from our end only when we cannot conduct the programme on the mentioned date, and we cancel the programme due to our official reasons.
  • In case of natural calamities if the programme date is changed, we will be providing one to three new dates to applicants for joining the programme. 

General terms of refunding

  • We will be informing the applicant about the final possible refund amount through email. 
  • On acceptance of the refund amount from the applicant through the same email mode, we will be initiating the process of refund.
  • Usually it will take 5 to 12 days to complete the refund process from the date of acceptance of the refund amount by the applicant through email.
  • We will be aiming to refund the amount to the original channel (debit card/credit card/upi) from which it is made. 
  • However, if there are any technical difficulties in the standard refunding procedure, alternatively we will be refunding the amount to the bank account of the applicant. 
  • In case of refunding the amount to the bank account, the applicant will be requested necessary details such as account no and IFSC code, which he/she has to submit on time to finish the refund process at the earliest.
  • On the receipt of the refund, the applicant must acknowledge us through email within 3 days from the date of refund received. On failure, we will be closing the refund case voluntarily after 5 days from the date of successful debit of the refund amount from our account.