Short certificate course on toxicology


Short certificate course on toxicology

About programme

Toxicology is one of the pioneering fields that exists since the ancient period. It is a collaborative discipline that includes chemistry, biology, pharma and medicine. It helps to study the living organisms that are affected by toxins and toxicants. It also includes the detection and treatment practices related to poisoning. 

Toxins can produce many kinds of living organisms. Toxicants are those poisons produced by environmental factors that affect living organisms. The role of toxins and toxicants in disturbing the life of humans is ever-increasing along with industrial development which is associated with novel chemicals and environmental pollution. 

The field is ever expanding continuously helping to study new toxins and toxicants, detecting and curing the effects of toxins and toxicants in living organisms and removing the toxicants from the environment. 

Learning the complete basics of toxicology is vital for learners who want to shine in the sector. This short certificate course aims to provide you with the necessary basics in toxicology in a relatively shorter period and in a learning mode at your convenience. 


Programme suitability

  • Learners who want to become toxicologists.
  • Learners who want to become pharmaceutical and medical researchers .
  • Learner who wants to become preclinical and clinical professionals.
  • Learners who want to perform higher research and higher studies related to novel medicine, environment, toxicology etc.
  • Learners who want to learn the fundamentals of toxicology can also prefer this programme.

Programme specifications

Specifications Details
Programme duration 10 days
Programme code BOC007
Programme mode Online
Programme type Online

Programme module

  • Understanding toxicology
  • Toxins from different living organisms
  • Toxicity due to over dosages of drugs
  • Poisoning due to environmental toxicants
  • Detection and treatment overview
  • Career scope
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  • Post Doc, PhD. and M.Phil. in science and engineering (related to life science)
  • MBBS, MD, BDS, MVsc
  • M.Pharm and B.Pharm
  • M.Tech., M.E., B.E. and B.Tech., in engineering and technology (related to Biology and medical relevant)
  • M.Sc. and B.Sc. in science (related to Biology or basic sciences)
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Programme fee details

Course fee is applicable for the programme. The course fee varies based on your country of origin and duration. Group participants and our alumni are eligible to get a partial fee waiver. Hence for knowing the exact fee amount, please apply for the programme and talk to our counsellor. During the verification call, the counsellor will be informing you the exact fee.

*Kindly be informed without going through your application, the counsellor cannot inform you the exact fee.
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