How many times can I take a paid extension?

On usual occasions, paid extension shall be approved only once. The duration of the paid extension can be a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 30 days. Based on the number of pending tasks, the duration shall be analysed and approved by our panel desk after reviewing the reason for not completing the tasks within the tenure. Second paid extension shall be granted only on special situations where the participant produces a valid reason for not utilising the first extension. A participant can opt for a maximum of 3 paid extensions per programme at any situation. For more information you can write to our support centre. 

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How is final evaluation done for different programmes?
  • For our internship/professional skill development programmes, final evaluation will be done through viva format through zoom.
  • For our foundation programmes (certificate courses and finishing courses), final evaluation will be done through online examination format through our BioLim Cloud exam desk.
  • For our research programmes, final evaluation will be done through a Research Committee meeting. The meeting shall be conducted through zoom.
  • There will not be any specific evaluation for our training programmes.
I have completed all my tasks but did not receive any request for my viva. What should I do now?

If you completed all your tasks and feedback, and not yet received a viva invitation email, please contact our support centre. 

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What questions will be asked in final Viva for internship programmes?

The viva will have questions from the forums and tasks related to your programme.

How many hours will it take to complete the online viva?

It will take 5- 15 minutes of your time to complete the online viva.

What is the mode of viva?

All our final viva will be conducted through zoom (or in conference calls in case of technical issues).

How online examination shall be conducted for foundation programmes?

For our foundation programmes such as certificate courses and finishing courses, the final evaluation shall be conducted in the form of online examination. It  will be conducted online through our exam desk portal in our BioLim Cloud. The duration of the exam will be for 30 minutes and the questions will be of MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) pattern and you need to answer 50 questions within the time to complete the examination. Further information on the exact step wise process to attend the exam shall be provided to you before your examination through email.