Mythily B testimonial

I am very grateful to have worked as an intern at BioLim Centre for Science and Technology. The research that I carried out in BioLim had provided me with the best possible environment for learning, and also a chance for implementing what I have learnt so far. Under the valuable guidance of my mentor, I had the chance to interact more and developed the research concept towards successful results. BioLim provided me opportunities to practice and develop valuable skills in my research area of interest. Exposure to many interdisciplinary projects happening at the lab has also strengthened my knowledge. I was able to present my research findings in the social events, such as conferences and also through specialised implementing channels, such as Young Wing Community. I was also given an opportunity to industrial work of information mining and processing for the development of knowledge bases for the researching communities including standard operating procedures bank and molecular libraries, which provided me additional insights apart from my regular curriculum. I found BioLim as a suitable place for growing my career and I believe that, BioLim will continue to provide such valuable services ever to benefit the learning community.

Mythily B

From Prathyusha Institute of Technology and Management, India

Pursued Internship Programme (Long term Internship) in BioLim

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