Lyne El Badaoui testimonial

My internship in the molecular biology laboratory associate role has been a rewarding experience. I have gained both theoretical and practical knowledge through this program. It is an immense pleasure for me, as a bioengineering graduate student, to have pursued this amazing learning opportunity and I am extremely satisfied with how much I have learned about molecular techniques and laboratory management. As a BioLim intern and a student, I am delighted to be reapplying for another internship and learning program. I would like to express my gratitude to the BioLim mentor panel and the entire platform for such a supportive and warm learning environment that enabled me to utilise my acquired abilities and experiences to complete the assigned tasks. This internship has provided me with a good understanding on the importance of molecular biology which will prove valuable when I consider pursuing my Ph.D. studies in the near future.

Lyne El Badaoui

From Bah├žesehir University , Lebanon

Pursued Internship Programme (Internship on molecular biology laboratory associate role) in BioLim

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